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Astor Flex - Make Them Yours.

February 10, 2024 2 min read

Astor Flex - Make Them Yours.

For some time now we have been searching for a Casual shoe to add to our collections that we can stand by; that compliments our curated brands and products; and that is high in quality, comfort, craftsmanship and style. Astorflex is that missing piece. This week we launch 3 new styles - Beenflex, Deukeflex and Greenflex. A Galvin Top Pick!


A true example of Italian craftsmanship in footwear. Fabio Travenzoli is the current owner of Astorflex. A company whose name was invented by his father Alfredo and  established by his great grandfather in 1820. At the beginning of the 19th century, in Castel D’ario (Mantova), the first shoe factory was set up. At that time there were lots of small, family-run workshops that produced handmade footwear with leather uppers annd wooden solos.
After the first world war, at the outset of industrialisation, the small “Fratelli Travenzoli” started to produce different types of footwear using the “Ideal” method (outer stitching along the edge of the sole). Astor Flex have consistently been producing the best in class & highest quality Italian made footwear to this day.

Leather, natural rubber and water-based adhesives

Astorflex produce their quality footwear using the responsible, ethical and sustainable processes where possible. The lining and insoles are in vegetable-tanned calf leather, obtained by soaking the leather in a mixture of water and powdered oak bark and mimosa, without using dies or colour finishes.
This process makes the leather healthier, hipoallergenic and guarantees greater sweat absorption for dry, odourless feet. Most of the soles are in natural rubber consisting in coagulated latex from the rubber tree (hevea brasilianis).
The various shoe parts are assembled using water-based adhesives.

Responsible & Transparent

Fabio personally supervises the company's production process that now also includes new manufacturing methods implemented with a responsible, transparent and, as far as possible, sustainable approach. Furthermore, ongoing research into new materials and the study/design of ever-topical models and the collaboration of famous designers.

All Astorflex models are designed and developed to a be comfortable:
above all they are flexible, soft and quickly adapt to the user’s feet. The company employ italian leather for the upper shoe, in particular leather coming from master tanneries in tuscany.

Make Them Yours.