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Devore Incipit

March 23, 2023 1 min read

Devore Incipit

This week we launch Devore Incipit. An Italian innovator in premium Men's trousers and chinos tailoring. Luxury, beauty, and comfort have merged in the Devore Incipit pant thanks to their unique FLEXOWAIST.
"Devorè Incipit is a DEFRA SRL project focusing on excellence and refinement in the creation of a unique product. The application of over decades accumulated knowledge, expertise and a strong cultural background give life to a project that aims to create a product proposed as a “timeless” garment on the market."

The Flexo Waist 

FLEXO WAIST technology is patented by Defra srl and consists of a particular mechanism that transforms the belt of tailored trousers into a system that allows for an expansion of the waist ring up to 4 cm, giving the wearer an extra size if necessary.

FLEXO WAIST arises from a practical need: the abdomen of man undergoes a great variation over the course of 24 hours, which has determined that over time the consumer has increasingly preferred trousers with elastic or extremely elastic fabrics. Our team dedicated to research and innovation has attempted to respond to the great demand for comfort on the market. The result is an innovative system that allows you to dress a tailored garment having the same comfort as a jogger: on the outside the trousers are identical to a perfect and elegant tailored chino but, thanks to this system, they allow an expansion that gives a size in more.
A new beginning of Men's Tailoring