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Norse Projects

September 01, 2023 1 min read

Norse Projects



Norse Projects was founded in 2004 by Tobia Sloth, Anton Juul and Mikkel Grønnebæk. The brand’s early roots derive from skateboarding, as Tobia successfully launched multiple locations of the famed skateshop, Streetmachine in San Diego, Paris and finally Copenhagen.

When Norse Projects was established, it was under the name of Norse Store. Mikkel and Anton came to Tobia with the idea of offering the best globally sourced products in the world, stocking hard-to-get brands at the time from USA and Japan. In 2009, the guys decided to launch their own collection and thus came the birth of Norse Projects. Projects being a ‘project’ coming from Norse.

The brand was a commercial success and in the early 2010s, it shaped a menswear landscape that was propelled by clean silhouettes, a poppy but subtle colour palette, and a minimal timeless styles based off of classic menswear and military references. Norse Projects gained further notoriety worldwide from a string of collaborations with Adidas, New Balance, Porter, Vans, Dr Martens and built a reputation as a brand with a strong Nordic DNA; always instilling their design codes into every project.

While Norse Projects is proud of its new position as an urban outerwear leader, the brand will always be rooted in contemporary menswear and sportswear — always aiming to create products that are created for life and good for all seasons.