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Universal Works produce contemporary clothing.

The company's first collection launched in 2009 with David Keyte (UW co-founder, director, designer) working from his kitchen table with an aim to make real, honest clothing based on fit and good design, though never over designed.

This seasons collection is presented with a tactile range of earthy and soulful fabrics, including but not limited to, Waffles, Towelings, Slub Cottons, and Seersuckers. A meditative palette of natural colours underpins the collection: Light Cumin, Sand, Lilac, and Light Blue coexist alongside military-inspired hues of Olive and Navy all conveyed with a sense of peace and humility.

It’s a palette, texture, and feeling, in every sense of the word, that emanates from a deeper place than inspiration or cultural reference points. Like all the good things in life, it comes ‘From the Soul’.